Hope begins with a meal, just $1.92!

Give meals, give hope…change lives.

When a life is broken, change has to start somewhere. Often it begins when the hardship of hunger or homelessness drives someone to our Mission for a meal.

Every day, more and more hurting people are coming to City Rescue Mission. They are counting on us. We can only provide the life-changing care they desperately need if people like you help. Please, give generously now.

It's easy to give meals and life-changing hope…

  • Meals and more! A meal is an opportunity to share information about our comprehensive programs that can have a life-changing impact.
  • Lifebuilders recovery program helps people confront and overcome alcoholism, drug addiction and other crippling issues.
  • Healing from the inside out so that people can re-enter society strong and ready to be self-sufficient.

Hope begins with the meals you give – just $1.92 each! Please give generously today.


It’s easy to give meals and life-changing hope…

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